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red water crystals in glass container

Aqua Crystals Centerpiece

One of our first projects. We call these “Aqua Crystals” because when you add water (aqua) to them they swell up 200% and look like crystals. They can be colored during the absorption process to match any decoration. We use this product in many of our projects and can be purchased in ball or flower form. Also, we can get very small grains to simulate snow when mixed with water. Great for areas that would like to have “snow” in decorations and photos but cannot because of a warm climate.

We’ve colored our Aqua Crystals the same as the red roses
and added a “Flora-Lyte” to the glass container.

How to hydrate Aqua Crystals:

1. Fill a large bowl with 6 cups of warm water.
2. Add 1 heaping teaspoon of dry crystals.
In only two hours you will have 5 cups of large crystals to work with. Strain and you’re ready to go.
 If you want to color them, add food coloring to the warm water BEFORE you add the dry crystals. Video tutorials available.

Aqua Crystals only $9.99/lb

Aqua Beads only $8.99/lb



“Flora-Lytes” $5.00 each

  • Size: 3/4″ X 1-7/8″
  • Includes 30″ stretch cord (can be used to hang in lanterns/on branches)
  • One time use, meaning the batteries are not replaceable.
  • Disposable
  • Last 36-48 hours.
  • Has a pull tab that allows it to be turned on and off

WHITE Flora-Lytes

RED Flora-Lytes

ORANGE Flora-Lytes

GREEN Flora-Lytes

BLUE Flora-Lytes

TEAL Flora-Lytes

PURPLE Flora-Lytes

PINK Flora-Lytes





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